Saturday, November 21, 2009


I really wanted to take my camera today on my sojourn around town, but forgot it and regretted it, so I took this picture form here, taken last month. It was a day of not doing much: visiting some friends, riding down to Fairhaven, spending time sitting on a bench on the boardwalk (above) doing absolutely nothing but watching the world go by. I need more days like today to recharge.

Clouds today, rain and wind tonight.

On another note...
One of the searches that I consistently see that brings people to this blog is for people searching on Bellingham gangs. Now I'm sure there are a few gang members in this town, but I haven't really seen anything exhibiting any great presence here. I knew people in places like Happy Valley or Alabama Hill that talked about a house where gang members lived, but not a whole lot more.

Yeah, drugs seem to be preent here due to being a border town and being so close to BC. But there's virtually no violence in this town and it seems that compared to the first-hand accounts of what I hear in place like California, it's really a non-event up here. Maybe the gangs too are more mellow in Bellingham. So unless they are gangs of benevolence, their dealings in drugs, weapons and violence (am I missing anything?) seem to be either insignificant or effectively beneath the radar.

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