Tuesday, November 3, 2009


How odd that I was driving down the interstate and I saw this rail car on a trailer at the truck scales around Exit 212 and I thought of these train cars down in Fairhaven and wished that someday someone could make a viable business out of these relics. It looks like it won't be in Bellingham though, as they are headed somewhere south of Stanwood.

One of the neatest things to do in this town (although I rarely do) is to walk the alleys and see the underside of people's lives by the things they have out by their garages. Many, many VWs can be found in the alleys, and it still amazes me how many I still see up and down the highway running in solid shape. A guest Saturday and Sunday and another last night. Time to relax and get my desk cleaned off. But as is indicated by my writing presently, procrastinion prevails.

A cloudy, moist day. And a Grateful Dead concert from a few decades back that I am pretty sure I attended will hopefully help lead me to a productive morning. Tuesdays are great, as I get to settle into the work week. Hopefully no further distractions will ensue.

Across the Rio Grand-eo
Across the lazy river
Across the Rio Grand-eo
Across the lazy river...

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