Friday, November 13, 2009


The chickens have turned out to be a real treat. And they are young and producing a fine clutch of eggs. I was told that this will diminish over time, but that's fine. We'll add two more next year. Tomorrow is a tour of chicken coops and I happened to get my house listed on the tour. And I'll probably join some people to catch a ride to the others located around Bellingham.

Not much more than that happening here. A cold front blew through and it's time to get the gloves out. And put the storm windows on. And those little pieces of wood that cover the crawl space vents. The joy of home ownership. But at least having a small home is quite manageable. And as I've said before, the quality of a coal miner's house built in 1928 from old-growht cedar will probably outlast anything built today.

Those are my musings from the coffee house across from the farmers' market on a drizzly Friday night. Tomorrow is the night to go out; tonight is scary movie night.

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