Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I find that it's rejuvenating to seek sunshine some time in the thick of winter. This year I scored a flight to Fort Lauderdale to around two hundred bucks and arranged to stay with a friend who needs some work on a condo that he is renting (the past tenant just moved out). So I work by day and find some time to lay on a beach and then have fun all night. And build up my Vitamin D stores. And hopefully relax, although my computer and wireless card will probably never be too far away.

But today is another day spent at the desk. Versus yesterday, which was spent up and down I-5. And tonight a pot luck - meeting a new group of people, which is always fun. Not much more going on here. The wind is picking up again. It smells like snow, and today was the first day I needed to wear gloves out and about on my bike. I guess winter is here.

The picture was taken a few weeks ago heading towards town by the library.

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