Tuesday, November 10, 2009


So the chickens continue to lay eggs at a rate of roughly one a day each. I was told that chickens, like women, are born with a finite number of eggs, and that hens (I am not really sure about women) will lay eggs less frequently over time, although they do get bigger.

Here is my housemate displaying one of the daily treats.

I've been told the Rhode Island Reds are a pleasant personable (can a bird really be personable - ie, have the favorable attributes of a person?) bird and love to be petted. I think I will add more next spring. Maybe two or three more.

A long day down in Kent and Anacortes. Fortunately I drove down with a business colleague, which was a nice change and plus, he's a nice guy. There is an army of us worker bees out any about in the world driving in white Ranger pickups keeping the gears of capitalism grinding along (in spite of all the efforts of our taxpayer subsidized corporate banking system to crush small business, but that's another rant). I've never been aware of all the tradespeople out and about. And now I am one. I think. And I never knew how many people drove white, stripped, fleet pickups until I started driving one.

We are everywhere.

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