Thursday, September 2, 2010


Sometimes when I have had a tumultuous day (not always in a bad way), it's good to have an old friend to go back to. Mine has a tendency to be a corner of a coffee shop where I can listen to an old Grateful Dead bootleg and reflect upon the self-induced risks I bestow upon myself.

I think I am what they call an entrepreneur and will not give up until I succeed. Today was a big step closer to either success or insanity - I know not which one. I was told by a colleague that the average person fails twelve times before they succeed in their start-up. Sounds about right.

At any rate, a weekend without electronics is planned plying the San Juans aboard my friend's boat. I believe tomorrow is Friday, so that leaves a Saturday through Tuesday sail to catch up and slow down. I am sure that you will see some pictures. And the weather is supposed to be spectacular too.

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