Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Some days I just have nothing to say or write. Today is one such day. Through the course of the day I thikn about the good things and bad things that I'd like to discuss here, but when the time comes, I am usually at a loss for words.

Let's see, among recent things I thought I'd praise or bitch about:
  • Whether working at a mall on the West Coast (as some friends do) is indeed like the movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High. (So Bellis Fair isn't 1980s California, I was told.) So since this movie was one of my youthful elements of intrigue of what this side of the country was like...oh well.
  • How can I learn to adapt to this timetable in Bellingham (even though I've been here four-plus years) and not get all uptight when business meetings that are supposed to start at 9am see people saunter in around 9:10 or later and the meeting never gets rolling until 10 or so. (I am learning to let it go, not wear a watch, and get into the Bellingham state of mind. I moved to a laid back town, so I need to understand that a lifestyle such as this encompasses everything, including business and play. I need to relax a bit more.)
  • The fact that a hefty percentage of American still rally around the preserving tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans, even the the present concentration of wealth is historically unequaled in our current society. Something like the top 10% of Americans control 90%-plus of the wealth and yet we still feel that this upper crust is entitled to retain even more.
But there is work to be done this morning, and I need to get ready for a 10:00 meeting. I realize that I shouldn't really care about being punctual in this town, but somehow I cannot eschew that habit of punctuality that I developed living a few decades in Pennsylvania. Some day, hopefully.

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