Friday, September 17, 2010


I often was amazed at how quickly a catastrophic disaster like the gulf oil spill could be so quickly swept under the carpet, and suddenly life is back to normal in the coastal parishes of Louisiana. Unfortunately, one needs to dig to find the local or non-MSM that is reporting on the ecological horrors in the gulf. Maybe I'm just your typical socialist tree-hugger, but somehow I do not trust our government, which is basically being fed BP's manipulative PR fluff.

Our government has failed us, our corporate anarchy has failed us, and the price that our planet pays is unfortunately less important than the quarterly earnings of rogue companies like British Petroleum. I wonder if history will someday show reprehensible actions such as those of BP to be the catalyst in the decline of our ecological and socio-economic existence in which profits trump absolutely everything, including the survivability of future generations.

And just like night I heard on the CBC about the increasing numbers of deformed fish being found downstream from the Athabasca oil sands processing. (Why is this news? I read about this years ago.)

I wonder what the true price is that we pay for a barrel of oil?

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