Sunday, December 28, 2008


This was in an interesting vehicle to pass on the Interstate while leaving the snow last Sunday somewhere in the middle of Oregon. It’s got a goat in the back of an old Chevy Luv pickup. I hope we didn’t offend the occupant of the truck. I saw the goat and pulled over only to let it pass and get another picture of it. Today is the last full day in Arcata and tomorrow we begin the trip north again.

Being without Inter net is not all bad, as it allowed me to relax quite a bit, and realize that the world can get by without my incessant e-mails. So far (and for some odd feeling) Arcata reminds me sort of like Bar Harbor, Maine and also like Oxford, Mississippi.

I’ve gotta run right now, as I am getting a ride from the coffee shop at one p.m. and we are going own to the beach in the light drizzle of this neat little town.

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