Wednesday, December 17, 2008


3"-6" of snow cripples Bellingham. Most of the time it melts quickly, but some times it lingers for days and days and with a coating of ice underneath can make things a bit precarious. But without the gripping wind from the northeast, it was actually a pleasant day. Tomorrow I will try to get some fresh pictures.

And another perfect day for my Bean boots in the snow walking one of the greenway trails along Whatcom Creek as the clouds broke for a decent sunset on a walk to the post office. Then to the food bank to volunteer for a few hours. But I do not understand why more people wear these shoes out here, as they are perfect. Maybe because they're sort of dorky looking, come to think of it. Oh well. In the rain, these and cycling rain pants are a perfect combination.

Growing up in Norhteastern Pennsylvania, these were common. A family down the street where I grew up had eight kids and I remember seeing eight pairs of Bean boots under their Christmas Tree. I do not do a big Christmas celebration too much anymore, so recollecting these thoughts of childhood purity send feelings of warmth through my body and soul.

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