Wednesday, December 24, 2008


A two-day blitz through the Redwoods from Arcata down to San Francisco (and Oakland) for business and pleasure. (Since I had a rental car I was able to explore the city much more than normal, although I am not big big fan of big city driving anymore.)

Seven hours down and less than five back over the course of thirty six hours was a bit much, but still exhilerating. The Redwoods Highway is beautiful and mysterious, but unfortunately I was not able to stop as much as I'd like. And the rain added to the aura of the ride home. I felt like Bigfoot could step out of the massive trees touching the narrow highway. But the rental car was surprisingly agile - a sporty Chevy Cobalt with Pirelli P6's - and that made the drive a bit more enjoyable, although I am not, by any means, an aggressive or fast driver in these days.

But back in Arcata for a few days and looking forward to doing nothing. The rain in California far warmer than that of Bellingham, although the temperatures and winds (currently) are far more mild. It feels like Bellingham in May.

A cacophony of thoughts in my head, but they are difficult to transform to words in this enchanted part of the country. The picture, by the way, was taken from the Google Images.

Oh, and Merry Christmas.

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