Tuesday, December 16, 2008


This morning I had a gorilla loose in my house. It was coming from the back laundry room and sound like it was about to break out of its cage. But upon closer inspection, I realized that it was only a little field mouse. It was scratching frantically at the cupboard where we store Magilla's food. I don't blame him (or her) for moving inside for the winter. And besides, there's room for all of us. She seems to share Magilla's tastes for dog treats.

I still don't understand why one furry animal is domesticated and cuddly and we let sleep in our beds, while others are considered vermin and eradicated at every opportunity. I guess if dogs were left to run wild then they too would be potentially carrying diseases.

Last year I had a mouse living with me that I called Sherman. This one definitely had different habits and I would say that he is a she, since she appears to be trying to build a nest under my motorbike helmet in the back cupboard. I think, once again, that I may need to set some ground rules. Here is last year's post on Sherman.

Looks like next week might have in store for it a driving trip down to Northern California. Christmas among the Redwoods might be nice.

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