Monday, January 14, 2008


So I am working with a biodiesel company and it is funny how people will generally bring out the few negative aspects of it. It is also unfortunate that many people base their opinions on either half truths or misinformation. I guess this is a lesson in life, as I am one to go off half-cocked based upon a biased article that I read. But like it or not, biofuels are one of the viable choices we will have in this world as the demand for oil steadily increases while the days of cheap oil are forever behind us. It will be amazing to see what the second and third generation feedstocks offer.

But I really hadn't intended on discussing biodiesel tonight, it's just that I am going to Seattle and Tacoma on Wednesday with our dog and pony show to meet with prospective partners.

And Sherman the house mouse got into one of my cookies and this is not good. It was a big sugar cookie with M&M's on it. I thought there was an implied agreement between us about not eating my food, so things may need to change. But I have had far worse roommates. Gotta run. This web log has taken much more of my time than I'd initially anticipated and I need to start getting to bed earlier. I still need to get some e-mails out. Drat.

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