Sunday, January 13, 2008


Another picture from Bainbridge. Beautiful.

So today was a day sitting and lamenting that it is not summer when I realized it was mostly sunny and not very cold and I should get off my sorry butt and go for a bike ride. So I did. And took my kite to fly at the park. Like many days, I met someone on the bike path and talked with them for a bit. Then on to the park. Unfortunately, there was virtually no wind, but that was okay by me.

Upon arriving home, my neighbor and I decided that we liked the openness of where the fence had blown over (and has since been removed). Maybe we will keep the fence down and can plant a garden together this spring.

There has been interest in using my yard as a permaculture project this summer. I wounder if I will put my words to action? We would use my yard as a pilot and then do a bi-weekly project on someone else's property in Bellingham. And of course there would be food and drink involved with a dinner after each of these work parties. And a chance to meet new people. As crude oil continues its incessant climb, it would be prudent to relearn how to grow my own food. And fortunately I am in the right place to learn this.


Heather said...

Have you ever taken a permaculture course? I am hoping to take the full course from Midwest Permaculture this fall.

Jeff Westcott said...

No I haven't, but there seems to be a wealth of knowledge here in town. I just need to tap into it. I will be sure to let you know.