Wednesday, January 2, 2008

DB Cooper

So almost forty years ago DB Cooper skyjacks a plane out of PDX and forces it to land at Sea-Tac, lets some passengers go, takes on two hundred grand ransom and a parachute, and jumps off the plane somewhere over the Cascades near the Columbia River.

He is a local hero (sort of) up here in the PacNW, as neither his body was ever found, nor was the money. (Although a kid did find around six grand of the recorded serial numbered bills buried in the sand while playing on the beach on the Columbia River.) So what is the big deal with this? I dunno, but I heard last night on Coast to Coast AM that the FBI recently reopened the case. Why? It is a bit of local folklore and interesting that no remnants of this person, parachute, etc., were ever found. In the land of Bigfoot, he too has become myth.

Today started off crummy but got much better. And I was given an orchid tonight, so that ended the day on a nice note (although it seemed like a Monday). I have had many plants in my life, but never an orchid. I hope it isn't too cold for it in the day time, as the suggested minimum temperature is seventy degrees. Time will tell.

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