Tuesday, January 8, 2008


The one treat in which I indulge myself is chocolate. Dagoba chocolate. Every other night on the way home I stop by the Public Market and pick up two bars of this. Tonight I ate the brasilia, tomorrow it will be lavender. And I splurged and bought clover honey made down the road at Bill's Bees in Bow. It is crystalline and eating from the jar is yummy. I like sweets.

Tonight I welcomed the seasonal rain back. Forty degrees and it was comforting to bike in the heavy drizzle. I also found the old layer trick keeps wet pants from the body. So refreshing that I forgot to put on my rain gear and arrived home a bit moist around nine. Fortunately I have a dry home to go to. And the benefits of keeping the house cool have paid off. The gas bill this month was a whopping forty-three dollars. Tonight I celebrated and turned the thermostat up to sixty-five degrees. Life is good.

But we have not had the nor'easters blow in from the Fraser Valley where the temp dips into the teens. We had two cold snaps last year. This year none. I hope I do not jinx Bellingham. Those frigid nights you find yourself drinking a lot of tea. That way you get up a few times during the night to use the bathroom and run the water to prevent the pipes from freezing, and flakes of ice still fall into the sink when you turn on the cold water. Brrr.

I'll take forty-three and drizzle over that arctic blast any day.

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