Monday, January 7, 2008


So this is a picture of probably the ugliest part of Whatcom Creek, two blocks from my house close to downtown. Today, the bike path bridge over the creek it was icy, but fortunately I was forewarned by someone walking the other way. This stream is beautiful to walk along, and salmon run up it. In October, you can see people are fishing at its mouth. Unfortunately, the native salmon population is in steady decline on pretty much all of Washington's creeks and rivers due to sedimentation and pollution from development and irresponsible logging. But empty-nesters need their five thousand square-foot trophy homes with views, so something's gotta give. So sad.

But in spite of my min-rant above, it was a good day. Leaving town this weekend for a conference. Vague details will probably follow. Meetings and a day of good things happening. And going out tonight for a bit and then running into friends that I thought might be at poetry night at a coffee shop (and were), then briefly over to Boundary Bay.

I needed too to move the Community Car from the street cleaning zone and then move it again tomorrow morning at 8:30am. Driving feels sort of odd and I do not miss it. But on a similar note, I do miss the BMW R60/6. In a few months I can go for a weekend ride. But it does not appear too difficult to change the gear oil (in three places, mind you - the gear box, main shaft, and rear something) and I will do that the next nice day I have to take it out to warm the oil up.

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