Thursday, January 3, 2008


My compost pile if faring better in the past weeks. When it is healthy, it has a nice earthy smell to it and worms are happy to to make it their home. It needs to be kept wet, but not too wet. This will turn into some fabulous black soil for the garden next spring.

And that was the problem before I covered it - it was all slimy and smelled like rotting garbage. You see, the mixture needs to be turned every few days, which I've since been doing. And I need to add more leaves to the mixture. Anywhere else, my neighbors would consider me quite strange seeing me crouched over with a handful of this dirt smelling it and picking it apart to see how the soil is evolving. But in Bellingham, pretty much anything goes in the older neighborhoods. And that is good.

Today a day where I came up to breathe for a bit with regard to work. Good things are happening. And I closed out my books for the year. Wow, I might actually have a free weekend. Life is pretty cool.

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Tiffany said...

you don't have to turn it as often as every few days. once a month will do if you are layering with enough carbon (dry plant matter) and covering the food waste each time. It will litterally cook on the inside breaking down all the food and carbon around it. opening it up every few days cools it off and you may actually be slowing the decomposition proccess. gather ample leaves from neighbors to make it through the winter or get a bale of hay and keep it dry until adding it to the pile. luckily I have a family of rats that burrow in my pile turning it for me. can't use it on food crops tho b/c of the rodent poo presence