Friday, January 11, 2008


What an invigorating day. And yesterday too. We attended a weekend MBA program on Bainbridge Isalnd as the entrepreneur in residence. So we are staying on a beautiful 255-acre campus with hiking trails and progressive people working towards an intense sustainable MBA program. This gives me an opportunity of hope, as my otherwise jaded worldview is somewhat squelched by the positivity pervading these rooms. There is a buzz afoot, and (although I am frequently surrounded by people of this like-minded ilk) there is growing consensus that the current path of our economy (based upon the base model of infinite resources) is an impending global catastrophe and required change - one way or another - will soon be imminent.

Hopefully it will not be too little, too late. But it really won't impact me, as our children are the ones that will undoubtedly be screwed as far at things we take for granted: oil, water, and other resources. Fortunately for selfish me, I have no children so in actuality this really doesn't impact.

At any rate, enough of a rant. There is some great energy here. And being amongst the moss covered trees just across the sound from Seattle is refreshing.

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Heather said...

Have you read Deep Economy by Bill McKibbon? It was a great book that addressed the destructive way we structure our economy and the potential, and necessity, of creating an alternative system. From what I read here, it would be right up your alley.Keep up the good work!