Sunday, January 13, 2008


Another picture from the Islandwood center on Bainbridge Island. The weekend wound down to a departure of many hugs and warm feelings. I left there with a more positive worldview than I've felt in a long, long time. Sure, being pissy and negative only puts us in the same fear-driven anger felt by many, if not most, of the population in this country.

Yes, I haver come to the fact that I am a tree hugger and proud to be part of a growing murmur that is an element of change occurring throughout the world regarding the unsustainable path down which we careen. The more I read in the scientific community, the more I realize that things are occurring at a much higher rate than anyone ever anticipated - whether water depletion, species extinction, GMO contamination, CO2 emissions or global climate change. Enough pissing and moaning about the sad state of affairs, it is time for action. I am suddenly realizing that I am exactly where I always dreamed of being.

You will hear more I am sure, but right now it is very late and I am off to bed. Met a friend out after arriving home, and late to bed. Oh. I love ferry rides and the skyline of Seattle from the Bainbridge ferry is second to none.

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