Friday, December 19, 2008

Mt. Something

Here's a picture that a friend took last week or maybe two weeks ago. He's not sure if it was Mount Baker or not, so he called it Mount Something. Many people are heading up to the mountain to ride and ski, and the conditions seem quite nice. Someday I will make it there, as I skied quite a bit in Lake Tahoe (about thirty times each season) but became spoiled by living less than five minutes from the Stagecoach Lift versus having to drive over an hour.

Last night I did something I hadn't done in decades, and that was buying some albums to play on my turntable that I hadn't used since I acquired this stereo (which includes a seventies vintage Yamaha turntable) a year ago. So I bought some old Jackson Browne LPs, as I 've never listened to him in depth although I've always respected him as a musician. One was Late for the Sky; the other The Pretender. Oh, and I also bought Ace, by Bob Weir. All for $10.30 - my Christmas present to myself.

Off to California early tomorrow morning, so I don't know whe I will write next. Many of my dayligt hours will be spent driving south on I-5.

"Going where the climate suits my clothes..."

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