Monday, April 12, 2010


So fortunately the weather is changing and it is warm enough for the chicks to remain outside with the older hens. They still spend the evenings inside by the fire. The less time I am spending on this computer, the better I feel. My life is pretty full right now, and I've found that I can work much more efficiently and not get distracted and have my evenings to do some things that I find more pleasurable than chatting on Facebook or reading the deceiving news.

Maybe I am getting old, but why do I care what's going on around the world when there is so much happening in my little town of Bellingham? There is much community activism growing around this so-called transition movement, and although I am not fully involved in it, many of my activities out and about parallel this philosophy (of the depletion of resources causing a significant change in our lives and world as we know it). And the people that I meet doing this are just wonderful and warm, and help to make my little spot in the world a little cozier.

So there was a hige gathering of people at the high school this weekend (a block away) and I invited many friends. And the funny part was that they announced my pot luck in fron of five or six hundred people at the closing remarks. Fortunately less than ten percent of them showed up for what was a great evening - nights like this that will be remembered forever. A busy weekend but well worth it.

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