Friday, April 16, 2010


Like most mornings, I awaken to the CBC news for my morning world and local Vancouver happenings, which I find far superior to anything I can listen to or watch (If I could receive a television signal on my archaic movie watching device) stateside.

One of the stories that had on today was the death of six migrating Grey Whales over the past month in Washington and British Columbia. Although this amount seems high, scientists report that it is not that alarming. Many of the whales were young and emaciated, and may not have fattened up enough for the long migration from the wintering grounds in Baja up to the Arctic.

What beautiful animals, although I do not think I've ever seen one. And it is heartening to hear that their numbers range from 20-25,000, considering these mammals were once endangered.

A sunny morning, followed hopefully by a warm afternoon. Warm, with daily sun and showers for the foreseeable future through June, and that sounds like a good and typical spring forecast.

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