Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Here is another random picture of Sunnyland taken last week looking south towards the Chuckanuts, with the arboretum off to the right. It's nice to have views around you some that reach up over 10,000 feet. And yet the sea is a mere quarter mile from your door. (Okay, maybe a bit more than that.) But I forgot how cool it is to sleep with your windows and doors open so that the cries of the gulls waft in.

It seems that Bellingham is such a low crime city because people are generally pretty poor, never really aspire to acquire much material wealth, and consequently never need to be in fear of someone taking their valuable possessions. Oddly enough, I've never met people so rich in abstract and altruistic wealth. Since much of the violence of the country and world stems from the battling for resources and what other people have, it is not surprising that Bellingham (the part I see, at least) is full of giving and caring people. And that's alright.

Was was my life so less fulfilling when I made and owned so much more? There is beauty in simplicity, I guess.

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