Friday, April 2, 2010


Here's the other half of the cool mural on the way down to Fairhaven on the bike. A windy day here and many people seem to be cutting out early for the holiday weekend. So I may too. Time to maybe go buy some paint and put a coat or two on the upstairs before I move my stuff in. I don't know why I never lived in the more spacious upstairs with views of Mt. Baker and the San Juans (well Lummi Island, at least) versus the cramped downstairs room. And it's brighter and quieter too.

Change is good. And the search for a housemate ensues. No rush though. Maybe I will live alone for a bit.

And I forgot how neat it is to hear the crying of gulls in the morning. I sometimes forget how cool it is to live on the Puget Sound. Fortunately, my daily journeying exposes me to its beauty, so my thoughts of saltwater detachment are usually short-lived.


Anonymous said...

sole(ly) living is good for the soul~
stay grounded.... especially the winds hitting the 'Ham today~

Happy Cackleberry weekend..

Tshombe said...

Are you staying the upstairs loft-ish area, Jeff? It's gone through a couple incarnations. It's time that you Christened it.

How are you, my friend?

Perhaps I can stay at your place again next time I'm in town?

Anonymous said...

Nice...!! You come to town, don't call me (us) and now you want to stay with Jeff instead of out at Sudden Valley? Very well my fine feathered friend...LOL
Say hi to young Bradster for us~ hope you both doing well...

Jeffrey said...

Of course, either of you are welcome!! See you in Portland, Tshombe!

Tshombe said...

It's CHAD-ster, Marshall. Not BRAD-ster.

Old age is gettin' to ya.