Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Path

It seems that always I see the same people in Bellingham when going from Point A to Point B on my biking in and around town on odd hours. Someone once told me that there are only a hundred people in Bellingham and the rest are mirrors. At any rate, it is always nice to remove yourself from the daily rigors of the world by meeting some warm people at the bank, library, post office,…

Today was one such day, and I share my above sentiments with one such person (whence this notion was spawned) and she said she felt the same way. Until she left her routine and tried something totally different, meeting entirely new friends that thought the same thing. Someone else referred to it as cross pollinating.

At any rate, an rigorous week, followed by a meeting at the coffee shop, leaving to go ride to Boulevard Park, and back again. Basking in the warmth emanating from the happy Bellinghamsters. A beautiful day.

The picture was taken on the bike path, just not today.

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