Sunday, March 7, 2010


Walking around town with my camera. Freight train passing through under Bay and Chestnut Streets. In background is smoldering remains of fire in Old Town. Image taken March 1 2010.

Here is a picture taken from a friend's blog. The building up the way on the right burned down last week. It was a closed-down antique store across from the Olde Town Cafe. He's a avid biker here in Bellingham and has a web site too right here.

Yeterday was a filled schedule, but looking back, it was beautiful. A friend came in from Eugene who is very active with permaculture there. I showed him around Bellingham what was going on in the Lettered Streets, York, Sunnyland and over to the Roosevelt School where they're adding raised beds. There are tremendous things afoot in Bellingham with regard to permacultutre and urban gardening, and I am glad to be playing a small part in it. One to some friends for dinner last night (avid permaculturalists and a model garden), where onece again I realize how lucky I am to live in this life surrounded by wonderful people.

So tomorrow begins another week. And it is good that there some figment of weekend returning to my life, and fortunately a day today of leisure (almost).

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