Monday, March 8, 2010


There are generally two type of environmentally minded people in Bellingham. The first realizes that we live in a wrld of diminshing resources and it would be prudent to preserve the precious things in our world that we presently take for granted. These include fresh water, crude oil, and food-related resources.

Then there is the second group of people that realizes that in this world of ever-increasing pepople living off a finite planet, any reduction of demand for a resource will only preserve it for the other mindset (not addressed in this post - they just think we're tree hugging whackos and there is an overabundance of everything in this land of aplenty from ores to ocean's bounties) who really don't believe or understand that resources are limited and sooner or later we will run out - the tragedy of the commons. So instead of trying to preserve what we have (although many of us do this - I am from this mindset, by the way) we realize the inevitable, and pattern our lifestyles based upon the drastically reduced availability of cheap materials and goods.

I do not live in fear. I am just aware. And it may never even happen in my lifetime, or even your children's. It's sort of fun, actually. And rasing my own chickens and veggies is a hell of a lot more fun than doing on the internet. And by god, it's real. And the eggs are remarkable. And the chickens are happy. I wonder if they would run to you in the organic factory farms like ours do?

Enough bitching. Time to get away from this computer and read for a bit.

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