Friday, March 19, 2010


I wish I had something of substance to say today on this matutinal post. Heading down to Portland this afternoon to help a friend move a boat and acquire a futon in the process, so this morning has been busy and productive, and it's only 8:42. It looks like we won't need to lift the I-5 drawbridge after all, as the height of the bridge is seventy-one feet, and the mast is only sixty-five.

If I am lucky, I will leave my computer behind. But hopefully I can put some pictures up of us plying the Columbia River. We sat around last night telling sailing yarns, and the excitement is building for the offshore passage northward in May to Orcas Island.

But it is back to work on a beautiful spring morning with Mount Baker out my back window (well the top of it, at least - can't see the rest, as the ridge out around Deming hides a good chunk of it), and and an anticipated departure by 4pm.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck~ say hello to Sir Tshombe for me! Sorry I missed coffee this morning~ we will hook up sooner or later....