Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Like many things in my life, I tend to vehemently procrastinate when it comes to some of the more undesirable tasks related to work. One such item is the completion of a company tax return that should have been done weeks ago. And tonight while I should be completing it I sit here typing away in this web log. But not unlike a similar fear of jumping off a high dive, I sooner or later will need to take the plunge.

On another somber note, the unemployment rate in Whatcom County increased to 9.4%, the highest since 1993. But I read all around the country that the boom will be in healthcare, even though I sit here with increasing back pain - either from sleeping on a crummy mattress or picking up a 110 pound bag of potatoes the wrong way a few weeks ago working at the food bank, I am not certain which - wondering if I should live with it or pay cash to see a doctor, since my health care doesn't kick in until I spend a couple grand. I guess I am lucky to be one of the unhealthy (or fat or old or otherwise ill) Americans that will help drive the economic engine well into the 21st century. The only problem is, we increasingly cannot afford utilize this crippled health care system. And unfortunately there are no solutions out there with any tough decision regarding the insurers, pharmaceuticals and lawyers; these seem to only receive cursory mention.

Personally, I will probably pursue the path of an acupuncturist. At least I can ty to work out a barter. Bartering can be very useful in a city such as Bellingham with a mean wages being $18/hour. By the broad societal standards I earn way too little to be happy and satisfied. But still, I am.

And the picture is of chalk art from downtown taken this past summer.

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