Friday, March 5, 2010

Suzuki Foundation

There is a broad movement going on in Bellingham that I am glad to be a small part of. Many people see the threat of the changing climate, water and crude oil depletion, and many other factors as a threat to our food supply and existence. Every year, we schedule a few bike tours around Bellingham that showcase the different gardens and how people are turning tiny (and not so tiny) plots of land into food producing areas replete with berries, veggies, fruits, fowl, bees, herbs, and many other produce items.

Then it was on to hear a speaker at the Suzuki Foundation at the County Building. I would like to say that I found it uplifting, but the hypocrisy of someone like Dr. Moola - a person with good intentions and purpose - amaze me. Here he is talking about the degradation of our natural resources and drinking water, in the same breath (literally) taking a drink from one of the myriad Dasani water bottles scattered about his podium. I almost walked out I was so apalled.

How are we supposed to take anything someone like Dr. Moola says seriously? It was a perfect endorsement for Coca Cola products, as he was flanked to his left and right by bottles of tap water. Is it below these environmental prophets to practice what they preach? Such simple steps?

Each Dasani bottle contains approximately three ounces of oil to produce. This doesn't include the other chemicals, toxins, water, etc. that goes into producing these bottles that will be mostly thrown away. And I wonder how much oil for producing these bottles comes from Athabasca Oil Sands? Or the pristine old growth forest of South America whose protection he is promoting?

Sorry Dr. Moola, although your intentions are trendy, I cannot validly accept anything you say with much substance. Maybe that's why I rarely go to these functions; I usually leave pissed off. Meanwhile we Americans go back to our consumer lifestyles and use a disgustingly disproportionate share of the world's diminishing resources.

Meanwhile we keep consuming. Makes me want to go to Costco. Gotta buy more for less. I need another case of bottled tap water.


Anonymous said...

Actually, it isn't Dr. Moola's fault about the water... he does not believe in bottled water, but the organizers did not provide him with his preferred cup and ran out at the last minute to the corner store to supply him with the bottle. Blame a mishap in organization. It's so easy to generalize and pass judgment before all the facts are in.

Jeff Westcott said...

I still disagree with his actions. Now I am no tree hugger, but I do adamantly oppose consuming something as silly as bottled tap water.

I am sure that there was running water somewhere in that building and he could have found a cup somewhere to drink from.

Again, it would be second nature for any person that practices these principals daily to vehemently decline something as flagrant as this.

I still find this appalling, but I am merely a commoner.