Monday, March 15, 2010


I went to the visit a friend at the hospital today. Fortunately, she was doing quite well. St. Josephs Hospital is not a very bike friendly campus; it definitely favors tha automobile versus walking or biking. Saldly, there was a tiny bike rack in front, and I knew the two other owers of the bikes locked to this anemic rack. Thousands of patients and employees of the hospital, and only three bikes out front.

Yes, maybe there is another bike rack in the back that is loaded with cycles, but from the looks of the hefty inhabitants of the buildings, it seemed unlikely that cycing was encouraged at this facility. And from a business model stanpoint, I guess the margins on sickness far exceed those of wellness.

I think this epitomises the entire health-care crisis in this country and western medicine in general: Focus on curing sickiness versus promoting health and wellness. And fortunately our bastardized capitalist economy benefits handsomely from such healthy things as obesity and sickness.

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