Saturday, March 27, 2010

Urban Gardens

A few times a year, I get the word out to conduct a bike tour of the different yards around Bellingham that are being turned from grass (our nation's largest agricultural product) to food and other fun things. Today, we concentrated in the York Neighborhood. We always luck out on the weather, and the participants seem to increase every year.

Belingham's urban gardening scene seems to be taking a pretty strong foothold, and I am glad to play a tiny part in this. Fortunately this year I have found balance and am tending to my own yard's needs too. There may come a day when we need to rely upon our own knowledge to produce food. Or not. But real gardening is more fun than pretending on Farmville.

So an afternoon of yard work (and some progress)followed by an evening of watching to boats rock to and fro on the bay in Fairhaven with waves and a steady breeze out of the southeast. A good day.

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