Sunday, October 4, 2009


Finally, the chickens are laying eggs - maybe two every three days. It's always nice to have a fresh supply. And they are now laying in the boxes that we have in the hen house in the chicken coop: it's working exactly as it should be. You see, earlier, we had these chickens laying eggs on the work bench in the garage, near the gate, ...any little niche in the yard. It uncannily reminded me of an easter egg hunt, and in effect , it was, sans religion. The difference between the two eggs (store versus back yard) is remarkable, in both visual and taste.

An the latest on the vee-dub project: I began to wire brush the rust from the floorboards (see picture) and there are very few spots of concern. Four or five small holes, no larger than a BB. I imagine I'll be post a lot on this progress, as reviving a forlorn eVW Bus has been a longtime desire of mine. This one is a 1972 Volkswagen Weekender and needs quite a bit of elbow grease on both the mechanics and body. If you click on this picture to enlarge it, you can see the seaside pattern on the original paneling. Sweet.

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