Sunday, October 11, 2009


So when you have an eighty year old house, it's inevitable that you'll have some shoddy repairs done to it over its life. One such plumbing job left for a floor that gradually sagged over the years and needed to be supported by a father/son team that spent a good chunk of the day under the house banging and doing the equivalent of some chiropractic work on the house as it groaned and creaked like a wooden ship at sea. But the foundation got a clean bill of health and I no longer need to be concerned about my house falling into the ground (I worry too much sometimes).

But fortunately, that is the only structural deficiency that my old coal-miner's house had. The consensus around here is that these houses built with the old-growth fir siding will outlast anything built today. I just nee another forty years or so out of it. But now that it's leveled and solid, I can begin the aesthetic work on it.

It's obviously been a slow day, as demonstrated by the excruciating detail of which I describe the silly joists supporting my home.

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