Saturday, October 24, 2009


A friend came to visit last night from Portland and it was fun to go out and listen to music and dance and be amongst the many beautiful women of Bellingham. It's funny how many people you see out and about in the different places around town. Someone once told me there are really only a hundred people or so in Bellingham, and the rest is mirrors.

But I happened upon a band last night that I'd seen before called the Panda Conspiracy. I saw the name on the Wild Buffalo marquee and that drew us in for a fun night that lasted until closing time. A better night cannot be had beginning at Usice's and ending at the WB.

But now I am sitting here at a cafe on Railroad trying to fisnish a project (but instead typing here) in order to make a trip to Vancouver tonight. I love Vancouver and it looks like a great fall night to experience the night life of that wonderful international city. And it's only an hour away on a good day. The later one waited on a Saturday, the longer the traffic lineup tends to be at the border. Gotta run.

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