Friday, October 9, 2009


The housing market in Bellingham, like in the rest of the country, has seemed to continue simmering. There were a bunch of low-income housing units built downtown a few blocks from my place. This is a quiet corner of the downtown with not much activity, so it will be nice to see some activity in this area, especially since the build is architecturally fresh versus much of the newer, bland tract housing built in many of the other parts of Bellingham, which unfortunately could be found anywhere in the homogenous suburban U.S.

I say that as I sit here writing from a Starbucks Butrlington (I think) in a strip mall that lacks any differentiation from the thousands of other identical strip malls through Generica. I find these places mentally draining and realize how sitting here drains one's body and sould. I wonder if the many teens and soccer moms that walk through these doors are aware how they are no different than the many Starbucks I've sat in in the many cities throughout this country having exacly the same conversation wearing exactly the same clothes drinking exactly the same drinks thinking (probably) exactly the same thoughts. And sadly enough, we all feel unique, while increasingly, we are becoming all the same.

In case you can't tell, I 'm tired and want to return to Bellingham. It'sbeen a long day amongst the sad Seattleites hiding behind tinted windows in a rush to get nowhere fasr. I can't wait to get home to Bellingham.

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