Saturday, October 17, 2009


Oddly enough, the thought of the anticipated rain and clouds seems much worse than when it actually does arrive. Last night it rained really hard, but coming home from the bar was actually refreshing, and I am always grateful that I have a warm, dry home to return to. Everything today is glistening and refreshed and the smell of life permeates the air.

The weather returns like an old friend that you welcome, but you know will at some point outstay their welcome, after a period of time growing weary of them. But for now, it's a nice change, and makes for comfortable refuge in the many coffee shops around town, today's being the Anker Cafe on Cornwall. Recently opened, I find that this cafe has the coolest energy - music, patrons, vibes - of any in town.

But it's time to don my rain gear and head out into the thunder and lightening, an uncommon occurrence in Bellingham.

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