Friday, October 30, 2009


After not participating in the antics of Halloween for, say, the last wenty years or so, last year seemed to be a good opportunity to re-enter into this night of craziness and debaucherous behavior in Bellingham. Considering the relatively small size of Bellingham, it was heartening to see the sheer numbers of crazies out and about in full regalia.

So the weather - 60% chance of showrs and the temperature in the mid fifites (It'll take that) - looks promising for tomorrow night. I have much of my costiume put together, which entails dressing in drag. Now I've never dressed as a women before, so maybe it will be interesting to walk a mile in their shoes. But actually, I could't find a pair of 10.5 women's shoes, so that is the one thing I'll need to forego.

I like the line from the Frank and Ernest cartoon: "Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, backwards... and in high heels."

But the women at the wig shop said I could get away cross dressing with my body. I do not know if that was a personal affront or an underhanded compliment. At any rate, the notion of dressing in drag is somewhat awkward to me, but hey, it's only Halloween in Bellingham once a year.

Here is the video to the Trhiller dance they did last year. Something like this will probably happen again this year, as I saw dancer practicing last week across from Boundary Bay in the parking lot are where the farmers market is held. Should be fun.

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