Tuesday, October 13, 2009


It's nice to have fresh eggs finally.The yolks are so incredibly rich, and I can now speak condescendingly of the inferiority of thoose bought in stores versus the ones from the chickens that I raised myself. The chickens appear to be happy and spend a good chunk of the day in the compost pile scavenging through the yard and table scraps that draw the innumerable worms and bugs.

Not much more happening in the City of Subdued Excitement. The extent of the weekend's excitement was the dryer dying. Of course everyone tells you how simple they are to work on, but after the second loud spark (which tripped the circuit again), I was through playing around with 220 volts; 12 volts from a VW battery is about all I can stand.

But fortunately, there is a store nearby that reconditions appliances, and foor less than two hundred bucks, I got a used dryer in pretty nice shape. And they took the old one too! Thank goodness for the Appliance Depot.

The clouds have returned and fall has set in. A June 23, 1973 Grateful Dead shows makes for a productive day. Back to the salt mines for me.

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