Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I usually listen to the radio for an hour or two in the morning before I begin my day. If I am luck, it is the CBC out of Vancouver; I find the caliber of their reporting to be far better than anything stateside.

Today I happened to wake up to KGMI here in Bellingham (I fell asleep listening to Coast-to-Coast AM last night) and they were reporting on the protest at the BP/AM-PM stations in town. I wonder how many people will drive their petroleum-powered vehicles to protest BP's destruction of the Gulf of Mexico in the company's pursuit of crude oil to satiate the demands of the consumers that buy fuel to drive their vehicles?

It is so easy to point the finger at someone or other. We are all to blame for this disaster, and these catastrophes will probably set the new standard as oil becomes increasingly riskier and difficult to obtain. By my calculation, the oil drawn from this giant reserve will only supply roughly 150 days worth of oil on the global market. Doesn't seem like much to be considered a giant field. The days of easy oil are indeed behind us.

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