Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I increasingly listen to the terms corporate fascism and anarchy being thrown around with regard to the current state of the flagrant havoc that the corporate structures wreaking havoc upon our society with virtual impunity. Obviously BP is one that will never be responsible for the catastrophic impact it's had on an entire region of our country.

But another even more pervasive problem is the hydrofracking of the natural gas that lies within or beneath the shale bedrock oncetain areas of the U.S. Years ago I read about the release of horrible and hiigly toxic chemicals into the atmosphere and environment and the subsequent poising of many residents of the Front Range in Colorado. Now this problem seems to extending into my beloved home state of Pennsylvania. (Here is a primer I strongly encourage you to check out.)

Or nation is in peril. Our capitalist system is derelict. We are a country in collapse on many fronts - sociologically, ecologically, politically, economically. I am glad I am not bringing children into this world. They will see a vastly different world than I have seen. No Brady Bunch or Leave It To Beaver for them. I guess we are too fat, sick, dumbed-down and in debt to dig any deeper than what we're spoon fed on FOX, CNN, MSNBC...

So sad. At least we have gas for our SUVs and McMansions. At quite a hefty price though.


Anonymous said...

I have lived in Pittsburgh, Danville, and now we have decided to move to Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, after all. Washington and Bellingham will have to wait. Pennsylvania is a beautiful state.

My son has also decided he does not want children. Life was never innocent. During Leave it to Beaver days, there was rampant racism and sexism. Lots of bad stuff was happening; we just didn't have the internet to smear it all over us. As long as we keep using violence as a way to settle our differences, money as a measurement of success, and perpetate the non-caring for our brethren who suffer, we can consider ourselves unevolved, mere Neanderthals or Walking Erecti.

I would like to see some of the Haves do something for the Have-Nots. All of these billionaires could walk into high schools and hand out college educations to the graduating class and it would be a write-off and an investment in our country's future. How about Oprah and Bill Gates paying the rent for some imppoverished single-parent families for a couple of years? Maybe Ted Turner can go into South Dakota and televise the conditions of the Pine Ridge Indian reservation and show America what America is all about? Taking, taking, taking, and turning a blind eye and deaf ear to helping others. JFD

Jeff Westcott said...

Right on. I try not to rant too much.But some times I can't helpit. Benzene, mercury leeching into the groundwater...I've been reading about it for years on the Front Range in Colo (did I say that on the post?) and think it is truly a shame. {sigh}

I too lived in Pittsburgh, Scranton, Philly, York. I still love the state and will return tonight to travel over its hills and dales. One of my favorite highways id US30 (Lincoln Hwy) that I hope to take from somewhere east of Greensburg up over the Appalachian Mountains.

Anonymous said...

This comment is because of a recent occurrence here. Comcast, which has the monopoly (if you live in an apartment) on TV service, is announcing in a banner streaming across the TV at the beginning of every show now that if we do not own a digital TV that soon we will not be able to enjoy their programming. That is just wasteful and manipulative. We are opting out and cancellng service with them and getting our internet and phone service with Quest. We will just do without TV and watch Netflix movies. The only other option is satellite, and they are not allowed in apartments.

It is a pleasure to be able to take a small stand against a corporate giant. If enough people did it, we could cripple them. People have clout, but they are unwilling to give up their conveniences and luxuries to exercise it.

Look at the Canadians protesting the G20 summit.