Monday, June 7, 2010


Well in the absence of my writing, Spring passed me by. I was still able to enjoy it though. May days of sun, and more days of rain and clouds. There are times you need to cut the grass (what's left of it in my yard) twice a week in the height of Spring. If you don;t have time, or if the weather does not cooperate, then quite a challenge faces you when you have a reel mower. Last week I needed to cut a portion of the back with the weed trimmer, as it was just too high.

Fortunately, my neighbor cuts the front, as I traded (or gave) him things and I guess it is the other half of the trade. I am notorious for trading things but never following through on the receiving side. So I guess in actuality I am not trading things, but giving things.

After a busy, albeit productive day, thank goodness for CBC Radio Two and an easy chair.

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