Monday, June 14, 2010


I frequently conduct business in Kent. The thought of waking up at six a.m. to drive a hundred miles was less appealing than actually doing it. I am lucky to drive through Seattle once a week so that I can appreciate the other six days of the week that I can get around by bike.

But today I need to head a bit further south to write a business plan for someone. If I must say so myself, I am rather good at business writing. And for that specific reason that I write here see business writing is rather bland an boring - sort of the physical equivalent of sitting at a desk all day. Writing here, on the other hand, can take me in any direction, like a kite dancing on the breeze, for better or for worse: rants, gratitude, joy, or just bitching about something or other.

At any rate, time to sign off and feed the machine. This image was taken from the Internet, although the weather is quite similar today as it is in the picture. I guess it's a good day.

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