Friday, June 18, 2010

Nama Cleansing

Today is Day Three of my raw veggie and fruit (and coffee) cleanse. The second day is the hardest from a hunger standpoint, but beyond that it turns less of a physical hunger versus the mental concept of what food really is. But on Day Three, you body starts doing some funky things and you begin to feel the effects of the change upon one's body. I cannot fathom much more than a week of this, but I will keep pushing through the weekend and beyond. The thought of not eating things like ice cream and pasta is worse than actually forgoing it.

Luckily, I ate at Nama for lunch today (a business colleague took me) and realized how flavorful raw foods can be. Bellingham is lucky to have such wonderful restaurants.

But tonight is more fresh local greens with Spring Tonic and Olive Oil (although technically it should be cold pressed, it may not be). Oh well, when you design your own cleanse, you can bend some of the rules.

A good day ending a busy week. Livin' the life in Bellingham. What could be finer?


Anonymous said...

I would be curious to know how much weight you lose and if you have energy to get through your day. I would like to do a "just fruit" fast for a week, no more, but do it once a month. JFromD

Jeff Westcott said...

Yikes. I only lasted five days. I went to a second pot luck in two days...steamed Japanese knotweed, salmon, zucchini, was just too much. But sometimes I was lightheaded, never lacking energy though. I will try again sometime longer. There is just too much good fresh food here.

Anonymous said...

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