Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Supposedly this June is one of the rainiest on records. To me, it just seems like a normal Junuary in Bellingham. I know that many of the the crops and seeds that people enthusiastically planted in April have faltered and struggled with the onslaught of chill and precipitation. My garden seems to be doing well, although I planted in a low-maintenance fashion to require minimal effort. And it is nice to live on a tenth of an acre, as managing a city lot of this size is not overwhelming.

9:15am on a Tuesday, and the vicissitudes of business ownership in a time of waning government and private institutional support can be rather challenging and discouraging at times. But other times, and generally, I view the silliness of getting overly stressed about these things that I really have no control over. And that always puts me in a better frame of mind.

Traveling on Friday, for a ten-day trip back east. I enjoy traveling back there because it makes me miss Bellingham so much. And I get to return to a wondrous summer of idle evenings in the park, or fun with friends and the myriad activities of the mountains and sea.

The picture above was taken from a path along Whatcom Creek near my house a few months back.

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