Wednesday, June 30, 2010


So I got to Philly safely. Left there Sunday and though, "oh shit, I left my computer there" when I was a hundred miles or so out of town on the turnpike. After freaking out for about five minutes, I was suddenly relieved of leaving that technological anchor far behind. I'd be back on Thursday to retrieve it.

So this is the first few days without a computer since 2003. Conceivably the first vacation I've had where I was not tethered to my laptop searching for a wireless signal somewhere. The freedom is refreshing.

So I type on my nephew's laptop. A fun few days in Cleveland, a mighty city I have only fond memories. In Pittsburgh now, and back east towards Philly tonight, staying at an old friend's place up in the Laurel Highlands.

More soon.

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Anonymous said...

I understand that free feeling you are experiencing. When I called up Comcast to cancel their services and to come get their equipment, they said they "have" to charge me $40 to do so (I don't have a car.) I told the customer "service" rep that that was the nail on the coffin of my relationship with her bully monopoly employer, but not to take anything I say personally. I feel untethered as well and glad to have that corporate pig out of my life for good. I can live without their 200 channels. ("No more Jell-O for me, Mom.") I will tune into the Channel of Life and start playing Scrabble more with my son, who kicks my ass in it (recent score: Joe, 387; Judy, a paltry 175).

When I lived in Virginia Beach, the power would go out a lot there, and we were in the dark and TV-less and were forced to entertain ourselves, which we did. We ended up having a good time just talking and laughing.

A person can really live on less and love it.

Hope you are enjoying your trip. JFD