Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Here is a picture taken of the sun about to set last night while driving up I-81 in Pennsylvania. I reminisce of the fun times I had living in Pennsylvania, but this is no longer my life, and I long to return to Bellingham.

Although the summer began early here and the humidity and heat is overwhelming. Although I never use air conditioning, I found it to be relieving in this oppressive heat. I think after living without heat or air conditioning that I become more sensitive to both.

I will gladly take a Bellingham heat wave (86 is the projected high tomorrow) any day over the 98 degrees (and comparable humidity) that Scranton wil experience today. Off to Philly to end my trip for a flight back to SeaTac tomorrow.

Although I love visiting PA, it is no longer my home. I am both lucky and grateful to return to my simple existence in Bellingham. Someday I might come back to live along the Susquehanna River and drink Genesee Beer but that is a few years away still.

Time to pack and move on.

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