Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sunnyland Stomp

I live in the Sunnyland neighborhood, and today is a beautiful day for the Sunnyland Stomp, and art walk where many neighbors open up their backyards are art galleries. Here is a map of the places that I hope to visit this afternoon and evening. My neighbors are on the tour, and my housemate gave them some art to display. They will have a DJ and always have funky, interesting friends at their place.(The picture was taken from this Sunnyland Stomp web site.)

This is my fifth summer in Bellingham, so it looks like Bailey and I will be taking tour to meet more of my wonderful neighbors. But before that, some work, a bicycle ride out in the country, and a handful of other things.

And later a possible concert down at Maritime Park to see Keaton Collective for a CD release party, replete with free Mallards Ice Cream. I thought this was last night, but I think I got the days wrong.

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