Thursday, July 29, 2010

Subdued Stringband Jamboree

The picture is of my backyard. Although someehat neglected this summer, most of the plants back here are food producing. If you look between the cherry tree and the hops, you can see Mt. Baker. (click picture to enlarge)

So the days of summer are upon us. That means evening strolls or bike rides through town (recently the walks includes a Labrador retriever) and see familiar faces or meeting people. The constant breeze from the bay is beautiful, and actually a bit chilly even during the heat of the day. This is so much nicer than the constant drone of air conditioning from the other other world where I once lived.

I had a startling realization last night that summer may actual be on the wane as August is almost upon us. Although I've only been here five summers, I recall summer usually edging into early October. Plenty of time for summer activities, including camping, sailing and next week's Subdued Stringband Jamboree. Once of my weekend chores is to get the gutbucket out and start practicing in hopes of joining some midnight picking circles. I used to sit in with a bunch of musicians in Kentucky on their bluegrass jam sessions back in the day, so I can hold my own.

I am volunteering at the jamboree, so I am sure you'll heare more about it here.

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